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Hi, I'm Fia and I have been filling the world with rainbows through my art and sartorial choices since I was a little girl in pigtails. I love to create illustrations, hand lettering and surface pattern designs bursting with color.

My published works include My Trip to the Alphabet Zoo written by SueAnn Kiser and Joy the Pandacorn written by Maggie Lauren Brown. In 2017, I was awarded honorable mention in the SCBWI San Francisco North & East Oktoberfest Portfolio Showcase.

When I'm not scribbling away on my iPad, I'm often reading a book, bouncing on a mini trampoline, hanging out with my husband and two kids, and let's be honest, scrolling Tiktok.


Would you like to work together or say hi? Send me an email at

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Shutterfly, ClearFork Publishing, The Perpetual You

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