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  • Fia Kilbourn

Animals With Horns: Memory Matching Game Free Download!

My Animals With Horns clip art collection released last month and I'm so smitten with these funny little beasts.

I created these horned animal illustrations for an online class assignment with Make Art That Sells two years ago. Then they sat in my Procreate app metaphorically gathering a layer of dust. This past year, I've been skimming back through old illustrations and resurrecting them for new projects and I knew with these cute faces and bold and bright color palette, I just needed to make a collection for these quirky creatures.

I added some matching plant life and some hand lettered animal puns and Animals With Horns was complete. But the original assignment was a mock-up for a memory matching game that I initially named Rack the Deck!

For this month's blog post, I'm offering a free printable download so you can make your own mini matching game. I also created a pattern for the back if you want to print double sided for extra cuteness! Just click the image below to download and print your game! Then cut out the pieces with scissors or a paper cutter for precision. I recommend a cardstock or heavier paper for durability.


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