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  • Fia Kilbourn

Inspiration at Filoli Gardens

Artemis, goddess of the hunt

This! This is why I added getting out of the house to my list of 5 ways I feed my creativity featured in my April newsletter. Last month, when my friend invited me to an afternoon at Filoli Historic House & Garden, I thought I knew what the afternoon would be like. I’ve been to Filoli before and I love perusing the grounds and feeling like I’m Elizabeth Bennet or Jane Eyre out on my afternoon constitutional. What I wasn’t expecting was the breathtaking temporary sculpture exhibit, Ovid's Metamorphosis by artist Yoko Kubrick.

Galatea, divine feminine

These sculptures are described as biomorphic, abstract forms that evoke shapes of nature and living organisms and that perfectly describes how I experienced these pieces. The placement of the sculptures throughout the grounds of the gardens around the flowers and shrubs and trees really highlighted the biomorphic qualities of each sculpture.

The themes of Greek mythology were present in the feeling of draping fabric, the curves reminiscent of classical goddesses, and the marble used to create the sculptures. My pictures really don’t do justice to Yoko Kubrick’s art, but I hope you can get a sense of how ethereal and mythical these sculptures truly are.

Vesta, goddess of family protection

Much love,


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