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  • Fia Kilbourn

Welcome to my blog!

an illustration of a pink and red bird and an orange bird  sitting in a fig tree with blossoms and blackberries

Hi, I'm Fia Kilbourn. Glad you're here! I've been wanting to start a blog on my website for so long. After years building a community on Instagram and then getting discouraged by social media deprioritizing homegrown content over sponsored content, somehow this year feels right for going back to my roots.

It's been ages since I wrote a blog. My first blog was a personal style blog, The Laundry Narrative. Don't bother trying to find it. I *fingers crossed* wiped the internet of those images in hopes of saving myself the embarrassment of my early 2000s style. Oof.

Here's a peek at some outfits I think still stand up today:

A collage of artist Fia Kilbourn posing in outfits for her old style blog from the early two thousands

So, it wasn't all bad.

Later, I tried my hand at a nail art blog. It was fun while it lasted but my interests and priorities changed and it just sort of puttered out. Oh, I just looked and that one is still live! Check it out. These were some of my favorite manicures of that era:

A collage of nail art from illustrator Fia Kilbourn's old nail art blog

I don't know about you, but I've been longing for an art community that isn't connected to the whims of social media algorithms. So this year, I've set a goal of starting a blog and setting up a newsletter to keep in touch with all those interested in following my art journey. I hope you will stick around to find out what projects I'm working on, what things I'm offering in my Etsy shop, and what's going on in my life!

Stay tuned!




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